~~~ Up Coming Spring Clean Up! ~~~


April 13th

Here are the details for this weekend's clean-up. We have specific work projects that need to be done. Can you help? You can bring a friend, or family member to help complete your hours. If you have five friends, bring them along and you'll only have to do one hour each. Easy!

I will be there at 9am Saturday to get you started. Lua Warkentin will be there at 9am Sunday.


On Saturday, we would like the new rails on the hunter ring to be painted, as well as some touch-up on the judging boxes and some of the ring rails. This would be a perfect job for some of our younger members. Pls send me a note or talk to your coach and they can get in touch with me. It helps if you can bring an old paint brush and painting clothes. We could use 2-4 people.

Also on Saturday, we need 2 volunteers to wash the dressage ring markers. They are currently quite yellow from water spraying on the white surface last season. We have bought acid wash. Pls bring protective eyewear and rubber gloves. Let me know if you can help with this project. It's a grown-ups job.

On SUNDAY, board member Lua Warkentin and member Julie Nurse are going to paint our jump standards! They need 3 volunteers to spend a couple of hours painting. And a huge thank you to both Lua and Julie Nurse for taking the jump rails home and painting them over the winter. That's a huge part of the job done already.

If anyone has the inclination... our wheelchair entrance to the washrooms at the back of the clubhouse is in need of repair (rebuild?). Contact us if you can help with this one pre-season.

And lastly.... if you have noticed something that really should be tackled, let us know! If you can help us with the job, even better.  

email jilly@shaw.ca


Calling all KRC member volunteers! 

We have some fun ways for you to  complete your volunteer hours this year. If you have time to spare  between May 1 and May 5, we need you to help with our biggest  event of the year: the KRC Spring Classic Hunter Jumper Show. Please  contact volunteer coordinator  Jill Veitch if you are able to do a 2 hour, 4 hour or 6 hour shift.  Some of the jobs include hosting the concession stand (which we are  running ourselves this year), opening the gate and collecting donations  for parking, being a general ‘runner’ to help  with the details that pop up during the show, etc. The show runs from  about 8am through ‘til evening, Wednesday through Sunday.  To get us  ready for the big event, we are having our Spring Clean-Up on April 13  from 9am ‘til noon. Please plan to come out April  13 and/or May 1-5 to help out and get your volunteer hours completed!

We’re less than a month away  from the biggest event of our club’s year. The Spring Classic Hunter  Jumper Show needs club members to come out and be part of its  success. If you can spare a couple of hours or more during the day or  early evening, May 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, please contact the club’s volunteer  coordinator  Jill Veitch. Your help means the world to the organizers and  participants. Seeing a friendly KRC face when they visit the concession  stand, or enter a ring for competition, will make a person’s day. Our  goal is that everyone has a wonderful, low stress  show. Contact us today! Don’t forget that our Spring Clean-Up is  Saturday April 13 from 9 ‘til noon. Hope to see you there!

Attention moms & dads of  KRC’s younger members. To help your kids meet their annual volunteer  commitment (6 hours), we have created some fun, low stress activities  for them to help with during the Spring Classic Hunter Jumper Show. It  is a great life experience for them to come out and help at the  concession stand (making change, giving out drinks and snacks). We can  get creative with finding the right job for your child  and/or family. Contact KRC Volunteer Coordinator  Jill Veitch to schedule in a 2,4 or 6 hour shift. Thank you!

Make quick work of your  volunteer hours. Did you know that family members can contribute to a  KRC member’s volunteer hours? Anyway that you can create ‘6’ will  work:  6 hrs by 1 person, 6 people doing 1 hour, 2 people doing 3  hours, 1 person doing 2 and another doing 4…. You get the picture J.   We hope to make the ‘volunteer’ piece of being a KRC Member, fun and  family friendly. The perfect opportunity is coming up May 1 – 5. We need  club members to help throughout  the Spring Classic HJ Show. Maybe you’re new to the club? Maybe you’ve  never been to the big horse show?  Why not come out and help. You get  the benefit of completing your hours in a very enjoyable, horse-friendly  atmosphere. Please contact KRC Volunteer Coordinator  Jill Veitch today. She will find a fun place for you to learn about horse shows.

Volunteering Opportunities


While the board does its best to maintain the KRC grounds to the best of its ability, we do rely on the help of our members to ensure the facility is at its best. Therefore, KRC members are required to volunteer six hours throughout the year to satisfy the membership’s volunteer requirement.  

 In addition to the regular cleanup tasks needing to be done, weather permitting, we will be painting some of the jumps, primarily for the hunter ring, as well as the ring boards for the portable dressage ring. If you have any equipment that you are willing to bring, particularly a paint sprayer, please do!  Other helpful items to bring are:   

 • Rakes   • Wheelbarrows   • Brooms   • pitch forks, and    • gas powered “whipper-snippers”

If you are unable to attend this cleanup weekend, there are various other volunteer opportunities available for you to satisfy your hours. In particular, we will be needing many volunteers for the upcoming Spring Classic H/J show. Even if you have satisfied your required hours, any interested members should please contact the show organizers about helping out at this fun event.

KRC Volunteer Section

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