2018 Current Members

1 Julie Loverin 

2 Candy Van Hees 

3 Judi LeBihan 

4 Julie Nurse 

5 Emily Martens 

6 Lua Warkentin 

7 Jenny Bouwmeester 

8 Dustin Drader 

9 Lynda Ramsay 

10 Deanna Snider-Forder 

11 Ken J Downey 

12 Daryl Ramsay 

13 Melissa Ramsay 

14 Louise Abbott 

15 Diana Hart-McConnell 

16 Laura Cull 

17 Joanne Meyers 

18 Paige Meyers 

19 Colleen Gay 

20 Gillian (Jill) Veitch 

21 Jocelyn (Josie) Veitch 

22 Brooklynn Wolff 

23 Tara Bruschinsky 

24 Charity Tetrault 

25 Debbie Hardwick 

26 Diane Drummond 

27 Briana Hardwick 

28 Sloane Betker 

29 Payton Betker 

30 Emily Prevost 

31 Carol Pendleton 

32 Brenda Bennett 

33 Emily Barry

 34 Hayley Copan 

35 Joanne Poole 

36 Tess Henderson 

37 Robin Wyndham 

38 Jordann Kylie Schyrbiak 

39 Pamina Biedermann 

40 Zainah Ali 

41 Taibah Ali 

42 Judy Murray

43 Gavery Yanik 

44 Hannah Irvine 

45 Madeleine Ruse 

46 Twyla Boray 

47 Daisy Milner 

48 Sarah Jolly 

49 Lindsay Legroulx 

50 Jesse Legroulx 

51 Maureen Sharko 

52 Leahona Rowland 

53 Emma Bosma 

54 Emma Jerome 

55 Blythe Downie 

56 Shannon Pohl

57 Michelle Schroth 

58 Marissa Egan 

59 Tianah Zawitkoski 

60 Katinka Devrainne 

61 Sebastien Devrainne 

62 Rory Farmer 

63 Stephanie Dea 

64 Kathleen Gilleran 

65 Jamie McConnell 

66 Joan Sopow 

67 Kate Glibbery 

68 Morven Smith


70 Chelsea Salisbury 

71 Lynne Arbuthnot 

72 Sutton Friesen 

73 Christine Boisseau 

74 Ilona Berbekar 

75 Susan Van Heerden 

76 Lindsey Mace 

77 Olivia Orlewicz 78 Mim Thorp 

79 Teah Thorp 

80 Yoshi Thorp 

81 Kelowna Gymkhana Club

82 Erin Armstrong 

83 Emmery Armstrong 

84 Maia Tickell 

85 Laurie Saindon 

86 Helen Sainden 

87 Tanya Heilemann 

88 Terri Cormier 

89 Danica Cormier 

90 Liam Cormier 

91 Georgia Sweet

92 Allyson Diederich 

93 Tess Peacock 

94 Jennifer MacGregor 

95 Laura Draper

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Lua Warkentin


EC certified competition coach.  

Dressage and jumping.  

Enjoys competitive and recreational instruction.  

I believe slow development is the key to success.  

Good things take time.

Phone #:


K&S ELITE Sport Horses Ltd.

Katinka Devrainne


K&S ELITE Sport Horses ltd  

K- Katinka Devrainne  

S- Sebastien Devrainne 

Coach all levels (hunter, jumper, equitation) and all ages (5-50+) .  Established in Kelowna since 2010.  

Katinka and Sebastien bring a wealth of knowledge from apprenticing and competing across North America and Europe. 


Sebastien Devrainne


They have a combined passion for the sport and the horse.  Their focus is on the competitive rider. They strive to get the best out of both the horse and rider by working on balance, communication, and timing. Both teach from the riders perspective as they are successful competitors themselves. 

Katinka enjoys teaching and inspiring new riders.  

Sebastien is talented at bringing along young horses.  

For more information about coaching/training


Leahona Rowland


Although I specialize in the sport of three day eventing I have trained and competed in both pure dressage and show jumping, and have experience in teaching both horses and riders from all disciplines and levels.       

For more information regarding lessons, clinics, or training please contact me through 

E-Mail:, or 

phone/text at (250) 300-9792